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Foundation of Bournville Village Trust

George Cadbury founded Bournville Village Trust (BVT), as a custodian of the Bournville Estate – the village he developed around the Cadbury chocolate factory – in 1900 following the death of his brother Richard in 1899.

By founding Bournville Village Trust, it meant even after his death, the homes, buildings, amenities, parks and open spaces on the Bournville estate would continue to benefit the community.

Since then, Bournville Village Trust has evolved to become a values-led charitable trust that is inspired by our foundation and heritage, but not afraid to be bold and try new things – just like George Cadbury did.

We continue to develop, maintain and provide services on the Bournville estate but also in communities in inner-city and south Birmingham and Telford, always with the aim of creating and sustaining places where people can thrive.

Today Bournville Village Trust provides services to around over 9,000 households and manages 3,400 social-rented and affordable homes.

Our Board of Trustees also continues to include Cadbury-family members. To read more about our work, please go to our what we do and why page.

Bournville Works Housing Society (BWHS)

Bournville Works Housing Society (BWHS) was founded in 1919, with the Cadbury’s providing a large proportion of the capital.

Around 40 acres of land was leased from Bournville Village Trust (BVT) and by 1928, the Society had built approximately 350 houses.

Today, the Society has 313 homes and in January 2011, it joined BVT and became recognised as charitable in March 2011.

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