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The Bournville Village Trust website has been designed and developed to provide users with a more enjoyable and interactive experience of our organisation.

Text Size: You can change the size of text on our website pages in two ways.

At the top left of every page you will see  “smaller text” and “larger text”. By clicking repeatedly on either of these options, you will be able to make the text as small or as large as you wish.

An alternative way to change the text size is to adjust the browser text settings. The way you do this will depend upon the browser you are using. The BBC website contains detailed information for different browser types at www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/text

Translation: Our website can be translated in to many different languages. You can do this by selecting your chosen language from the drop down list located at the top of every page.

Alternatively, visit http://translate.google.com and type or paste the url of the website page that you would like translated into another language.

Hi-contrast: You can change the colour scheme of our website by selecting “hi-contrast” located at the top of every page.

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Read our latest news. For media enquiries, please call our Communications team on 0300 333 6540.

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