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Bournville Flood Risk Management

We continue to work with resident reps from our Estates Committee, reps from Weoley Hill and Bournville Village Councils, and a rep from Bournville Freeholders and Leaseholders Association (BFLA) on the Environment Agency’s (EA) flood risk management plan proposals and concepts, which are in the early stages of consultation.

The proposals will affect key parks and open spaces in the area and although reducing flood risk is very important, this must be done in a way that will not prevent people from enjoying these spaces.

As the landowner and steward of the Bournville estate, we would only grant permission to carry out exploratory works when satisfied that disruption would be kept to a minimum and that the park at Weoley Hill would be returned to its previous condition.

We have not, and would not, agree to any final proposed works to the park where the final designs drastically altered the amenity of the park and how it can be used. We would also not agree to works until we had received assurance that nature and biodiversity will not be reduced.

The EA have made it clear to us that ultimately, they do have the legal power to take enforcement action to carry out any final work under this scheme but that this is not their intention at this time. They recognise that further engagement is necessary to address the concerns raised by residents and us.

We are urging the Environment Agency to ensure all residents’ voices are heard through consultation. We will continue to work with resident reps, both Weoley Hill and Bournville Village Councils and the BFLA to support this.

We understand that a series of further drop-in engagement sessions are being planned by the EA, which we will also be represented at. We will share details of these meetings once they are available, and we will also be sharing further information here on our website.

In the meantime, anyone who has any questions for us, can email our dedicated email address bournfrm@bvt.org.uk or call 0300 333 6540.

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