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FAQs Bournville Flood Risk Management

What is BVT’s role in this process?

We are part of the early discussions alongside the wider community. We own part of the land (Weoley Park 1) that is included in the Environment Agency’s flood management plan and concept designs. As a landowner, we will make sure any proposals are in keeping with both the Scheme of Management and the Bournville Design Guide.

Has BVT approved the Environment Agency’s proposals?

There have been no formal proposals presented to us, this includes any proposed exploratory works.  We will make sure any proposals, including any exploratory works, are in keeping with both the Scheme of Management and the Bournville Design GuideAt this time, we have not consented to any of these works (including exploratory works) and will not until we are satisfied there will be no significant impact on the amenity and use of the park.

Are you going to allow trees in the area to be removed?

It is our policy not to allow healthy trees to be removed, unless they are causing a serious detriment or structural damage. No decisions or approvals have been given for any work at this time, including for the removal of any trees. No requests have been made by the Environment Agency.  If any requests are made, we will follow our rules on felling tree’s (see page 52 of the Bournville Estate Design Guide).

Will the Environment Agency be held to the same standards as residents?

The Environment Agency would be expected to comply with the Bournville Scheme of Management and Bournville Design Guide, just as residents and other stakeholders are asked to. This will include oversight of any plans / proposals by our Estate Management and Scheme Committee (EMSC), which includes representation from Trustees and resident representatives from Bournville Village Council and Weoley Hill Village Council. We are committed to maintaining the distinctiveness of the estate whilst making sure it remains an environmentally sustainable place to live. As part of any formal proposals made to us, we will expect the Environment Agency to put in place mitigation that makes sure the park remains accessible and available to resident.

How do we raise any concerns that we have?

We will be sharing information here on our website and we also have a dedicated email address (bournfrm@bvt.org.uk) to raise any concerns that you may have. We will escalate any feedback to the Environment Agency and share any updates and feedback from them. There are a number of groups and organisations in the area that you may want to get into contact with.  For example, Weoley Hill Village Council represent residents of Weoley Hill and Bournville Village Council represents residents of Bournville.

Will there be more opportunities to take part in any engagement or listening events run by BVT or the Environment Agency?

Yes, the Environment Agency will be planning a series of further engagement events where residents can hear more as proposals develop and play a role in this. We will also be attending these, as both a landowner and steward. Once the Environment Agency have arranged dates and venues, we will make sure that they tell all residents and we will also promote these events.

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