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Equality and Diversity

At Bournville Village Trust (BVT) our mission is to create and sustain communities where people can thrive. We are guided by our values which include:

  • Integrity – we do the right thing
  • Fairness – we treat people as individuals by exercising the right approach at the right time.

Working with us

We aspire to have a diverse and inclusive workforce.  This is why we create job opportunities that are designed to be agile and centred on personal and professional development whilst creating an environment where well-being and work-life balance is a key part of our culture.

We look for talented people from a wide range of backgrounds, who are adaptable in an ever changing environment.

We believe that a diverse workforce, which reflects the communities we serve, will have the skills and understanding to achieve our mission and live our values.

Committed to ensuring everyone is treated fairly and without discrimination, we aim – through inclusive employment policies – to ensure our colleagues treat each other with dignity and respect.

The services we provide

We aim to understand the wide-ranging needs of our communities and to respond by developing and delivering services that meet these needs.

To provide support to the most vulnerable members of our communities, we work with very many statutory and voluntary agencies and take our safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously.

Fair and transparent

Whilst working towards creating and maintaining communities where people can thrive, we will ensure that all our procedures are fair and transparent.

Encouraging involvement

We support and encourage all residents to take an active part in their community and believe positively engaging with people from diverse groups will contribute towards continuous improvement of the services we provide.

Customer satisfaction

We regularly monitor customer satisfaction between different groups within our diverse communities and aim to ensure all our customers receive the same high-quality services and that there is no disparity.

Customer focused

We ensure all residents can enjoy their homes without fear of harassment or abuse and on the occasions when such incidents occur, in line with our victims and witness support policy, we aim to deal with them efficiently and to the satisfaction of the victim. Our customer-focused approach means we encourage the reporting of any type of hate crime or harassment and we have detailed anti-social behaviour and hate crime policies.

Zero tolerance

Anyone who makes a complaint will be treated with sensitivity and no less favourably than others. We will not tolerate the victimisation of anyone who, in good faith, raises concerns about discrimination.

All such complaints will be acknowledged and dealt with in accordance with our complaints and customer feedback procedures.

Equality and diversity for all

We believe that a non-discriminatory approach is fundamental to all services and operations carried out by other parties on behalf of BVT. Subsequently, all contractors and sub-contractors are required to follow our equality and diversity policy when acting on behalf of BVT, when they do not have their own available.

Compliments and complaints

If you wish to comment on our service, you believe you have been unfairly treated, or we have not complied with our commitments, you can do this here on our website by going to our Give Us Your Feedback page.

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