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About the Review of Estates and Stewardship Services

We provide estates and stewardship services across more than a dozen diverse and distinctive communities in Birmingham and Telford.

Our services are focused on creating and maintaining distinctive, environmentally sustainable places and include;

  • Guiding residents through the process of making alterations to their homes, including how to use our design guides.
  • Managing and acting on alterations that don’t have approval or meet our design guides.
  • Making sure the public areas we own are maintained to a high standard. This can include roads, paths, open spaces, parks and more.
  • Carrying out inspections of estates to spot issues and addressing these or raising them with organisations who are responsible for fixing them.
  • Looking for and putting into place ways to make estates more environmentally sustainable, such as increasing bio-diversity.

We want to make sure our estates and stewardship services are fit for the 21st century, meet residents’ needs and deliver good value for money .

To help us do this, we are carrying out a review of the estates and stewardship services that we provide in Birmingham and Telford.

We will be consulting with both tenants and homeowners throughout summer 2022. Our Birmingham and Telford consultations has now closed.

For information on the current and full range of estates and stewardship services we provide, please read our Service Standard.

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