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Homes with Bournville Works Housing Society (BWHS)

Bournville Works Housing Society (BWHS) was founded to provide quality homes for people most in need. Historically, they were rented to people employed by Cadbury’s/ Mondelez in Bournville.

Today, 313 high-quality rented homes are still rented to families in need of social housing. BWHS also offers additional preference to people who:

  • Receive a Cadbury or Mondelez pension.
  • Employed by Mondelez and have been in continuous employment with them for three years OR an existing tenant’s son or daughter whose parent/s have been a named tenant and BWHS member for no less than three years.

If you’d like information about BWHS homes and the application process, please call us on 0300 333 6540 or email enquiries@bvt.org.uk

BWHS is part of Bournville Village Trust and BWHS residents can use all the services here on our website, including reporting repairs or anti-social behaviour, making payments or making a complaint.

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