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If you live in a village or estate managed by BVT there are a number of responsibilities that you will be expected to meet as a home owner.

These responsibilities, also known as covenants, will have been explained to you by your solicitor or conveyancer when you bought your home.

Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Paying the annual community / stewardship / management charge if you live in a village or estate within BVT’s Scheme of Management. To check if your home lies within the Scheme of Management in Birmingham, please visit our Scheme of Management page. You can pay your annual charge by direct debit or on our website. To make a payment on our website, please visit our Make a Payment page.
  • Paying your ground rent every six months if you are a leaseholder. You can do this by direct debit or on our website. To make a payment on our website, please visit our Make a Payment page.
  • Telling us if you are making a change to your home that affects its external appearance. For further details, please visit our Making Alterations to Your Home page.
  • Maintaining your front garden, including keeping hedges at one metre at the front, not erecting or removing hedges, walls or fences without our approval first, and keeping your garden clean and tidy
  • Telling us if you decide to rent out your home. For further details, please visit our Subletting page.
  • Storing your caravan, motor home, commercial vehicle, trailer or boat, on one of our storage sites. We currently have a waiting list for our sites in Birmingham. To apply to join the list, please contact our Customer Services team by emailing enquiries@bvt.org.uk  If you live in Telford, you will need to make arrangements to find your own storage site.

In return for the community / stewardship / management charge that you pay, we provide a range of quality services which help to create flourishing communities.

You can read more about this in the Bournville Management Charge and Estate Services Summary 2018, the Lightmoor Stewardship Charge Summary 2018/19 or the Lawley Community Charge Summary. 

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