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Bournville Estate Scheme of Management

If you are buying, or have bought a home, on the Bournville estate it is important that you know if it lies within the boundaries of our Scheme of Management.

You can see if your home lies within the Bournville Estate Scheme of Management using the map below.

The Scheme of Management was introduced under Section 19 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

It places responsibilities on freehold occupiers that are designed to help retain the original character of the individual homes, the beautiful estate and the amenities in it.

One of these responsibilities includes paying an annual management charge, which represents a proportion of the cost of maintaining and repairing the estate.

In return for the charge that you pay, we provide a range of quality services which help in creating and sustaining communities where people can thrive.

For details of other home owner responsibilities, please visit our Home Owner Responsibilities page.

Scheme of Management Map

There are other areas, outside the Bournville Scheme of Management, where we provide a management service.

These areas include Bournville Park and Meadow Rise, where we provide the following services in return for an annual charge:

  • Grass and hedge cutting
  • Shrub bed maintenance and chemical weed control
  • Maintenance of grit bins, street lighting and furniture
  • A dedicated Landscape Officer.

For more information about the Bournville Estate Scheme of Management or areas outside of this,  please contact us.

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