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Being a Good Neighbour

We believe everyone has the right to live peacefully in their home.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to make sure everyone, whether they live with you or are visiting, treats your home and neighbours with respect.

You can do this by:

  • Being tolerant of your neighbours and aware that their lifestyle may differ from your own.
  • Keeping the volume of music and TVs at an acceptable level and positioning them away from walls that adjoin your neighbours’ home
  • Carrying out repairs to vehicles, or doing DIY, during daytime hours when it is least likely to disturb your neighbours
  • Parking in a courteous way that doesn’t obstruct access or your neighbours right of way
  • Making sure your pet doesn’t create a mess or noise that impacts on your neighbours.
  • If you have any issues with your neighbour, we advise that you try to discuss the problem directly with them in the first instance in an effort to resolve the matter.

If you feel you are being affected by anti-social behaviour, please visit our report anti-social behaviour page

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