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Ending a Tenancy

If you decide you would like to end your tenancy with us, you will need to provide four weeks written notice.

All tenancies end on a Saturday and you can provide written notice by completing a Termination of Tenancy Notice Form

You will also need to:

  • Clear rubbish from your home and garden and remove all your possessions. If you leave things behind, you may be charged for their removal.
  • Leave the garden in a neat and tidy way
  • Allow us access to your home to carry out a pre-termination visit and viewings
  • Make sure you have paid any outstanding rent
  • Inform your gas, water and electricity suppliers of the date you are leaving
  • Return your keys to our office.

We will arrange a date to visit you at home to complete a pre-termination visit, which gives us a chance to ensure you understand your responsibilities and support you to leave your home in the best condition.

If you are thinking of ending your tenancy for financial or other difficulties, please speak to us first. We may be able to help you to resolve any issues that you have.

Sadly on occasion some tenants pass away during their tenancies with us. Knowing what to do as their relative/s or next of kin can make things easier.

In the event of a tenant passing away, we must have authority from the tenants’ Personal Representative or the Executor of their estate (the person named in the tenant’s Will to deal with their possessions) to end the tenancy.

To do this, we will need copies of either letters of administration (or the grant of probate) which can be obtained by the Personal Representative or the Executor of the estate from the Probate Office. We can also accept a copy of a Will confirming the name of the person responsible for dealing with their personal affairs.

Until we receive this authority, the tenancy will continue so please do contact us as soon as you can and let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

If there is a person who is eligible to succeed the tenancy, for example a joint tenant listed on the tenancy agreement, then the tenancy will continue in their name only.

For further details about ending a tenancy, please contact our Customer Services team by emailing enquiries@bvt.org.uk

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