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Transfers and Swapping Your Home

If you are a tenant and have outgrown your home, want to downsize or just move on, there are two ways you can do this.


You can apply to transfer to another BVT using BVT Homes. For more information about BVT Homes and to register, please go to the Applying for a Rented Home page. 

Mutual exchanges:

A mutual exchange is where you swap your home and tenancy with another housing association or Council tenant.

You can apply to exchange if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have lived in your home for at least 12 months.
  • You’re a fixed term tenant, secure tenant or an assured tenant of a registered social landlord or local authority.
  • You do not have any rent arrears.

Your tenancy agreement will confirm what type of tenant you are. If you’re on a starter tenancy, you will not be able to apply for an exchange until you have passed your probationary period. This is usually after 12 months.

How do I find someone to exchange with?
You can sign up to a home swapping website such as HomeSwapper. For more information about HomeSwapper and to register, please visit the HomeSwapper website www.homeswapper.co.uk

Please make sure that you are happy with the terms and conditions of their tenancy and the condition of the property, including its fixtures and fittings. When you exchange, you take on the tenancy of the person you are exchanging with. For example, if it’s not well decorated or the garden is untidy, you will be responsible for putting these things right.

What happens when I’ve found someone to exchange with?
When you have found someone to exchange with, you will need to let us know by calling on 0300 333 6540 or emailing enquiries@bvt.org.uk. We will send you an application form so that you can give us your details and the details of the tenant you want to exchange with.

When we have received your completed form, we will carry out some checks about you, your exchange partner and your homes and discuss the application with your exchange partner’s landlord (if applicable). It can take up to 42 days to complete these checks.

When we have completed all of the checks, we will let you know if you have our permission to exchange.

Are you considering downsizing and would like some advice on what to do? Please call us on 0300 333 6540 to discuss your circumstances.

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