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Brave BVT colleague takes to the sky to raise money for hospital

A brave Birmingham mum is getting set to complete her first skydive to raise money for the ‘amazing’ hospital treating her son’s rare immune condition.

Hollie Grego will jump from a plane at 14,000ft over Nottingham on Friday 12th July to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which is treating her son Maxi.

Maxi, aged 12, was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) as a toddler at just two years old.

The rare immune disorder mistakes red blood cells as foreign substances and attacks them, causing a wide range of symptoms including jaundice, muscle pain and tiredness.

While Maxi has had a range of treatments to try to manage his condition, even consulting specialists in Paris and at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, he often relapses. As a result, Maxi has to spend time in and out of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

His immune system is also hugely compromised, meaning he has to be extra vigilant around sick people, as catching even common conditions can see him end up in hospital.

Now mum-of four Hollie, who works as a Community Support Manager for charity Bournville Village Trust, will take to the sky for a tandem jump in a bid to raise £500 for the hospital.

Hollie, aged 39, said: “Birmingham Children’s Hospital is amazing. Maxi’s consultant is great and in the last 10 years of him receiving treatment there, we have never had a bad experience with his care.

“Because of Maxi’s care I’ve seen what the doctors, nurses and even the cleaners do to make children happy. If we didn’t have them, I don’t know what we’d do; they go above and beyond day in, day out.”

Despite feeling nervous about the skydive, Hollie, who lives in the Shenley Fields area, is being spurred on by Maxi’s own bravery and positive attitude.

She said: “Maxi inspires me all the time. He just wants to be a kid and will play with his friends, just like other children, but has to stop and rest as he gets so tired. He never complains or is resentful about his condition, and when I find myself feeling down or moaning, I think about this and how resilient he is.”

Hollie has set up a Just Giving page to raise money for the Hospital which is now live at https://www.justgiving.com

As Hollie has funded the sky dive herself, every penny raised will go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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