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Rest House Centenary Celebrations

Bournville’s Carillon bells herald George Cadbury’s Rest House Centenary

Last Saturday, local Bournville residents joined invited guests to celebrate the centenary of the Rest House in Bournville.

The iconic building, sited on the Village Green was donated to George Cadbury and his wife Elizabeth to mark their 25th wedding anniversary in 1914.

Guests and residents were welcomed by Duncan Cadbury, Chairman of Bournville Village Trust, and Jayne Cadbury, President of the Friends of Bournville Carillon, who delivered compelling speeches about George’s legacy and the significance of the Rest House as part of his garden village and the vision he set out over 100 years ago to build a sustainable and flourishing community.

Reminiscent of the day Cadbury workers gathered together to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary back in 1914, the sound of the Bournville Carillon bells, played by Trevor Workman (resident Carillonneur at Bournville) echoed across the village, heralding the centenary celebrations

Commenting on the importance of this iconic building; Duncan Cadbury, Chairman of Bournville Village Trust (BVT) said; “The Rest House is a beautiful piece of public art and is timeless in its design. An intent crafted by its architect, Alexander Harvey all those years ago.”

Continuing the theme, Jayne Cadbury went on to say; “The Rest House is truly at the heart of Bournville village and is much loved by all.”

After the speeches, guests took part in tours around some of the impressive buildings in the village including Selly Manor, The Friends Meeting House, Ruskin Hall and Bournville School.

The Bournville Carillon is only one of fifteen in the UK but is needing further investment to replace some of its higher octave bells to ensure its sound continues to resonate across Bournville for years to come. Supported by Jayne Cadbury, current Chair of the Friends of Bournville Carillon, an appeal for funding has been set up with a target of £70,000 to enable the maintenance work on the bells to take place.

The centenary concluded with a Carillon concert hosted by Bournville Carillonneurs Trevor Workman and Charlotte Barber, and the choirs of Bournville Junior School and St. Francis School.


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