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We are your resident reps and on 28th February we attended the first Estate Management and Scheme Committee meeting of 2019.

During the meeting we talked about:

Awareness of the design guide. We discussed the design guide and the importance of residents being aware that they need to apply for permission from Bournville Village Trust for alterations to the outside of their home. We said that all residents will have signed a Deed of Covenant at the time that they bought their property and this means that they are required to seek permission for alterations.  However, we did say that some residents may not be aware that they have to obtain permission and therefore, we, as a Committee, will be looking at ways to advise residents of their responsibilities.

Additional staff. There are two new Estate Officers in the Estates team and we were advised that having the extra resources will mean that day-to-day management of the Estate will be carried out more efficiently, including detecting breaches to the design guide on the Estate.

Two stage process. We were informed of a new two stage process for applications for alterations to homes. Residents will now have two years in which to start an alteration following consent from Bournville Village Trust. If consent is granted, residents will receive first stage approval, which will enable them to continue with the alteration. Once the alteration is complete, the resident will contact Bournville Village Trust to arrange for the Estate Officer to inspect the completed work and then if all is well, a final approval letter will be issued.  This new process should ensure residents are carrying out the alterations in line with the consent.  As resident reps, we were fully supportive of this new process.

Online property portal. The Estate Manager confirmed that the Portal is now live and over 20 applications for alterations have been submitted online so far this year. The new portal and application process will allow residents to apply online and see the details of their application, and other applications too. There is concern about some residents who haven’t got the internet or computer access wouldn’t be able to use the new system.  We have been assured that any resident who can’t access computers or the internet can come into the offices at 350 Bournville Lane where Estates staff will help them apply online.

Self-assessment and effectiveness of EMSC and the resident reps. We were recently asked for our thoughts on the EMS Committee and our role on it. The results of the questionnaire were positive overall and all four of us value the Committee and our contribution towards it.

Wildflower and wildlife areas. We talked about a project to install a wild flower area to Weoley Hill parks. The Director of Property, Development and Stewardship said that we should involve the Green Forum and residents who back onto the parks.  He also said that if this project was successful we could extend the wildlife projects to other areas of the Bournville Village Trust Estate.  The Trust is going to speak to the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust for their advice and also with the Green Forum.  This is a really exciting project and one which we fully support.

If you would like to speak to any of us, please contact Bournville Village Trust’s Customer Services team on 0300 333 6540 or email enquiries@bvt.org.uk and they will pass your details onto us.

Your resident reps….

Alan Drabble, Bill Rice, Jenny Shardlow and Sharon Yeomans



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