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As a BVT resident, you can enjoy a wide variety of community services and make a difference by getting involved and influencing the work that we do.

You can find details here about what is happening in your area, how you can get involved in what we do and details of community halls and services.

  • Community Support and Covid

    If you are being impacted by the Covid pandemic, help is available. We can signpost you to organisations that can help…

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  • What’s On

    Here you can find details of special events and activities that are taking place in the estates and villages that we…

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  • Bournville Design Guide Review

    As part of our aim to create distinctive and environmentally-sustainable places, we want to create a new Bournville Estate Design Guide…

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  • Get involved with BVT

    You can find information here about the different ways that you can get involved in the work that we do. You…

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  • Community Halls and Services

    Here you can find information about the different community halls in the villages that we manage, including details of the kind…

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  • Resident Associations and Councils

    Here you can find out about the different resident associations and councils that serve as an important link between residents and…

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  • Parks and Open Spaces

    Here you can find information about BVT’s responsibilities in regards to looking after the parks and open spaces across the villages…

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  • Shops and Commercial Premises

    Here you can find details of the shops and commercial premises that we manage and information on leasing a unit from…

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  • Safeguarding

    Here you can find information about safeguarding, including details of our commitment to protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights.

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Here you can read the latest news from Bournville Village Trust. For media enquiries, please contact our PR and Communications Manager by calling 0300 333 6540.

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