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Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the consultation on the Bournville Design Guide so far.

Here are the latest consultation updates.

  • A total of 1,228 residents have completed the consultation questionnaire (either online or via a paper survey) and 80 have attended drop-in sessions.
  • We have also held four Covid-secure focus groups with Bournville Freeholders Leaseholders Association (BFLA), Bournville Tenants Ltd, BVT’s Green Forum and the Scrutiny Panel.

Having reviewed the responses we know that:

  • A third of residents who responded to the questionnaire were BVT tenants.
  • 94% of residents agreed there is plenty of greenery in their neighbourhoods
  • 88% of residents agreed they valued the character of their neighbourhood
  • Overall residents liked, clean green neighbourhoods. However, a number of residents raised concerns about the quality of landscaping provided by BVT and Birmingham City Council (BCC) and concerns about all residents understanding their responsibilities for maintaining front gardens.
  • The majority of residents are aware that we have a design guide and found it useful when considering an application
  • About a quarter of residents felt guidelines were too strict and almost a fifth didn’t have a view either way. The remaining number felt the guide was either about right or needed better enforcement
  • Only 35% of residents agree that there is the right level of parking in their neighbourhood. There was strong feeling that car parking is an issue across neighbourhoods but also concerns about not wanting to see neighbourhoods have all their gardens turned into drives.
  • Two thirds told us preserving character and place was very important when it came to managing their neighbourhood
  • Extensions, windows and paving over gardens were mentioned as the ‘top three’ concerns when it came to alterations that happened in the past
  • Extensions and gardens and green spaces being well maintained were the top topics mentioned when respondents were asked about alterations that they approved of. As you can see extensions are mentioned as both concerns and positives and we will consider this carefully as we draft a new design guide.

The consultation updates above are intended to provide a flavour of the feedback we have received from residents so far. We are now working with our design partners, BDP, on the first draft of the new proposed design guide.

The new draft Bournville Design Guide will take account of and reflect all feedback and comments made.

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