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In January 2020, we launched a new 10 year corporate plan driven by a new set of values focused on partnership, integrity, fairness, quality and innovation. These values guide everything that we do and influence the decisions that we make.

One of the projects we are most excited about is the review of the Bournville Design Guide. First published in 1985, it provides guidance to residents on alterations to their homes so that BVT is able to preserve the unique beauty and amenity of the areas that make up the Bournville estate. This is the vital role of the Design Guide, but it also brings with it a number of challenges including whether it meets the needs of modern living.

To deliver our aim of creating and maintaining distinctive, environmentally sustainable places and deliver a Design Guide fit for the 21st century, we want to hear your views.

We want to understand how we can build on the heritage that has made Bournville one of the most distinctive places in the country whilst at the same time making sure that we are able to meet the needs of current and future customers. Your voice is integral to this review and will shape the new Design Guide and ultimately how the areas within the estate look and feel.

To achieve this, we are holding a series of public consultations led by our Estates and Community Development team to identify what works well in the current guide, what needs to be updated and what needs to change completely.

Following these consultations we will be working with our design partners, BDP Ltd, to deliver a new Design Guide for Birmingham by April 2021.

Throughout this journey we will keep you updated on the progress of the review here on our website and in other ways including through our online newsletter which you can sign up to here and provide you with further opportunities to feed back into the project.

We look forward to working with you throughout these consultations.

Arthur Tsang

Director of Communities 

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