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If you want a relationship with Bournville Village Trust and you want to hear about things going on in your community but aren’t sure how much time you can commit, joining Village Voice is a great option.

By joining, you can dip in and out of different involvement opportunities and you can choose topics of interest, so you only hear about things that matter to you.

You will receive specific emails about the things that you are interested in, giving you information about relevant projects and inviting you to workshops, meetings (including online) or events.

When you join, you will also receive a monthly newsletter full of information about events, activities and services in your community. If you would like to contribute to this monthly newsletter, please contact communityadmin@bvt.org.uk

To register to join Village Voices, please complete the form below.

  • Hold down the "Ctrl or command" key to select multiple options
  • Fair Processing Notice

    The personal details that you provide in this form will be used to administer your request. This may include the following purposes: To invite you to meetings or events, send you information about BVT initiatives or communicate with you using the preferred methods you have chosen. To read our Fair Processing Notice, please visit the Fair Processing Notice page of this website - a link to which can be found in the footer.
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