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Village Voices gives you the chance to feedback on a range of issues, from services for tenants like repairs and lettings to how we manage green spaces and look after our estates.

You can attend focus groups covering issues that you are interested in, give us your feedback online or get involved in one-off projects or events.

If you find it difficult to commit to regular meetings, but still want to get involved with the work we do, this is a great option for you.

We currently have:

  • Tenant Services Focus Groups in Birmingham and Telford for tenants interested in how we provide services in their area
  • A ‘Green’ Focus Group in Birmingham for residents who would like to share ideas about gardens and open spaces
  • Volunteer Content Creators for residents who want to create content and help place their local community at the heart of conversations on social media. You can join the BVT Communities Facebook Group to find out more.
  • An online Communications Focus Group for residents in Birmingham and Telford who are interested in reviewing and feeding back on newsletters and BVT documents.
  • An Events Planning Group in Lawley and Lightmoor for residents who want to share ideas for bringing the community together.

If you are interested in joining Village Voices, please Register Your Interest

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