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Cynthia and Trevor’s Story…

“When I was a girl I used to dream about living in Bournville. I used to go to Bournville Festival with friends and wished that I could live in such a wonderful place.

“I have lived on Bournville with my family since I was a boy. I worked at Cadbury’s on and off for many years. I’m ex-army and have encountered many different jobs including being a milkman, a
gardener on Manor Farm Park and most memorably, head gardener at the ATV’s Television Gardens in Kings Heath Park. If you watch an old episode, you can see me mowing the lawn in the background.

“We got married young and never intended to rent a property and become social housing tenants. We wanted to buy our own house but the sale didn’t go through. We got ourselves on the Bournville waiting list and had our first house within 12 months. It was the best thing we ever did, we have never regretted renting as we feel secure.

“We both love gardening and looking after the grandchildren. We have been featured in Amateur Gardening Magazine and were filmed for Channel 5 television about working at Cadbury’s. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 12 years ago so Cynthia planted a beautiful willow tree in our garden praying that I would fight the disease and come home to her, both the tree and myself are in good
health today.”

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