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Redecoration Programme FAQs

When will the woodwork at my home be painted?

In 2023, we revised our programme, creating it from new.  We’ve taken many factors into consideration when creating the programme such as, when the property was last painted, whether it has UPVC windows or timber, when the windows and doors were last renewed or are due for renewal. We also carried out visual property condition surveys to assess homes. You can see when redecoration works will be taking place on our Redecoration Programme page.

Homes due to be fitted with new windows and doors, will be painted later in the programme. This ensures we’re not painting woodwork that will shortly be changed. If you have already had new windows and doors and all other woodwork is in a good condition, your home will also be included in the later part of the programme.

Will I get a choice in what colour the woodwork is painted?

Our design guides for Bournville, Lightmoor and Lawley detail the colours that can be used on your woodwork. Where options are available, such as door colour choices, these will be offered to you before any work is started.

I live in the Bournville conservation area, why can’t I have my doors be painted the colour of my choice?

As you live in the conservation area, there are restrictions on the colours that can be used for doors and windows, garage and soffits and fascia’s. These are explained in our design guide.

I live in a listed property, why can I not have UPVC installed instead of painting woodwork?

As your home is listed, there are restrictions on the use of UPVC to maintain the unique character of your property and area.  Some of these restrictions are set by Birmingham City Council and others outlined in our design guide. For more details on the process for upgrading listed property windows and doors, please go to our Window Replacement Programme FAQs page.

Why can’t my property be moved forward on the programme?

We will monitor and review properties as the programme progresses and there may be changes as a result. We have prioritised homes in the programme based on:

  • When the property was last painted, oldest painted have been considered first.
  • The type of window/door (UPVC / timber), when they are due for replacement or were last replaced.
  • Alignment to BVT 30 year financial business plan.

I have plant pots and ornaments in my garden, will these be cleared and put back before and after painting?

We aim to provide plenty of notice prior to appointments and our contractors will write to you in advance asking you, where possible, to clear the areas around the locations being painted.  However, we do recognise some customers may find it difficult to do this themselves and may need assistance from family members or BVT.  Where assistance is required, please contact us or the contractor directly. Contact details will be in communication you receive from us when your property is due to be painted.

My woodwork is in a poor condition, will this be repaired or painted over?

Every property will be surveyed before painting to identify any repairs needed. All repairs will be completed by our contractor before any painting work.

Repairs may include, but are not limited to;

  • Sealant and filler.
  • Sanding down of timbers in preparation for painting.
  • Splice repair (cutting out) any defective timbers and replacing these with new.

What can I do if I’m not happy with what you have planned for my property?

We will always listen to your views and work with you to find solutions where possible. Please call us on 0300 333 6540 and ask to speak to a member of the Planning and Commissioning team or email enquiries@bvt.org.uk and mark for the attention of Planning and Commissioning.

I would like to be involved in this work and represent the residents in my street. How do I let you know I want to be involved?

We are keen to work with you during  the roll-out of the programme, please email us at enquries@bvt.org.uk and mark for the attention of the Planning and Commissioning team if you wish to become a representative for your area.

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