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Rent Setting

BVT assured rents are calculated and set using the standard format used by all housing associations.  Rent is calculated by a formula, which considers the value and size of the homes and the average income of those living in the county.

As stated in your tenancy agreement, we review your rent annually.  To make sure that any rent increases are affordable, the government has set limits to the amount by which rents can rise in any one year.   No rent will increase by more than the annual Retail Price Index plus 0.5% plus £2 per week in any one year.

For the next four years (from 2016), the government has announced that social housing rents will decrease annually by 1%.

This doesn’t apply to ‘fair rent’ tenants who have been living in their homes since before 1989. These rents will continue to be set by the rent service and registered every two years.

Service Charges

Service charges are made to residents where the property benefits from a specific service, such as estate gardening, maintenance of estate lighting or cleaning of hallways in blocks of flats.

The service charge is separate from the standard weekly rent. It’s collected and increased at the same time as the rent. The amount of the charge is based on the actual cost that BVT pays for the services, plus a small administration charge.

The charges that BVT incur are broken down into the various services provided and are calculated separately. The total yearly charge of all the services (including a 10% administration charge) is equally divided by the number of homes in the relevant scheme or area and then divided by 52 to calculate the charge on a weekly basis.

This calculation is the weekly charge that the resident will need to pay for the services provided.

Most service charges are eligible for housing benefit. However, we would advise you to check and verify your entitlement with the local Housing Benefit Service.

If you’re unsure whether you’re required to pay a service charge on your property, check your tenancy agreement or contact our Customer Services team in Birmingham on 0300 333 6540 or our Shropshire Team on 01952 293 777.

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