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Window Replacement Programme FAQs

I live in the conservation area, why can’t my home be replaced fully in uPVC?

As your home is located in the conservation area of Bournville, there are restrictions in place on the use of uPVC. This is in order to maintain the unique character of your area and where you live. Some of these restrictions are set by Birmingham City Council and some are within our own Bournville Estate Design Guide. Our Design Guide was based on feedback from residents during a consultation process.

Why are you installing uPVC windows to the rear of my home only?

We have worked closely with Birmingham City Council who have agreed to the change of material to the rear of the properties, subject to it not being seen from a public highway or space. This will allow the installations of uPVC windows. uPVC windows are generally a quicker manufacturing and installation process which means we will be able to fit these windows to your home sooner than when we are able to replace timber windows. Our aim is to install all uPVC windows to the rear of homes in the conservation area by the end of 2024. You can see the roads and dates that these windows will be fitted on our Window Replacement Programme.

I live in a listed property, why can’t uPVC windows be fitted?

Due to your property being Grade II listed there are restrictions in place on the use of uPVC. This is in order to maintain the unique character of your area and where you live. Some of these restrictions are set by Birmingham City Council and some are within our own Bournville Estate Design Guide. Our Design Guide was based on feedback from residents during a consultation process.

If you live in a listed property, the process of obtaining planning permission is more complex. We are required to complete the following:

  • Full elevation drawings of your home including drawings of each window design. If this is the case for your home, we will consult with you at survey stage.
  • In some instances, the conservation officer for Birmingham City Council may request that we retain your windows. In this case, we would look at the installation of secondary glazing or other alteration options.

Can my property be moved forward on the programme?

We will continue to monitor and review properties as the programme progresses and there may be changes as a result.

We have prioritised homes in the programme using three factors. These are;

  • The agreed life cycle of the component (i.e window or door)
  • The type of window (UPVC / timber) and current condition
  • The alignment to BVT 30 year financial business plan.

The programme does not preclude ‘one off’ scenarios for replacements where the integrity of the component (i.e. thew window or door) is compromised.

Will the same contractor install both uPVC windows and timber windows?

Due to the specialist nature of the installations, separate contractors will be used for timber replacements and uPVC installs.

What can I do if I’m not happy with what you have planned for my property?

We will always listen to your views and work with you to find solutions where possible. Please call us on 0300 333 6540 and ask to speak to a member of the Planning and Commissioning team or email enquiries@bvt.org.uk and mark for the attention of Planning and Commissioning.

I have a partition wall that divides the window to create two separate rooms, will this have to be removed?

We are not intending to change the design or layout of your home during the installation of new windows. The windows will be replaced on a like for like basis and carefully removed to ensure damage is kept to a minimum.

I have services (TV, phone line etc.) attached to my window frames, will these have to be removed/relocated?

Each home will be looked at on a property by property basis, if possible where services have been cut/drilled through window frames it is our intention to carefully cut these free and reinstate cables to the side of the frame.

My door has windows attached to it either side and form part of a complete frame, how will these be replaced?

In this instance, we will replace the door and windows together as they form part of a whole frame.

My windows currently are not wind or watertight, what can you do in the interim until my windows are replaced?

We will undertake repairs to ensure your windows and doors are as wind and watertight as possible. Please report repairs us by calling 0300 333 6540 or email enquiries@bvt.org.uk

Will French and patio doors to the rear of my property be replaced?

We intend to replace French and patio doors to your home as part of the renewal process.

My property can be fully seen from a public space, will these be still a mixture of uPVC and timber windows and doors?

Each property be evaluated and we will inform you if your home will be a complete timber replacement or a combination of uPVC to the rear and timber to the front and side of the property. We will base this decision on guidance from Birmingham City Council and the information set out in our own Bournville Estate Design Guide.

My property is last to be done, is there anything you can do?

Timber windows will take a considerably longer time to install than original planned so we have put a number of measures in place to ensure your windows remain in reasonable order until they are replaced. These measures include;

  • Reviewing our painting programme.
  • Continuing to undertake repairs where necessary to our service standard
  • Resident will have access to targeted Energy Conservation advice and support.

I’m one of the last properties on the programme, will you paint my windows prior to the new windows being installed?

During 2022, we will review our current painting requirements in the conservation area. Following this, new painting programmes will be developed and made available on our website.

I would like to be involved in this work and represent the residents in my street. How do I let you know I want to be involved?

We are keen to engage with you during the course of the programme, please email us at enquries@bvt.org.uk and mark for the attention of the Planning and Commissioning team if you wish to become a representative for your area.

Will you remove all my fixtures, fittings, furniture and ornaments before you install my new windows?

In most instances, we will request that you remove all fixtures and fittings including any furniture and ornaments prior to the installation of windows. However, we do recognise that some customer may find it difficult to do this themselves and may need assistance from family members or BVT. If you require more support with preparing your property, please contact us.

 I like my windows, why are you changing them?

We have chosen to replace the windows in the conservation area for a number of reasons. These reasons include;

  • Responding to residents request to renew the windows due to the number of reported repairs.
  • The windows are due for replacement due their age and condition.
  • To increase the thermal comfort.

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