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The Roger Cadbury Library and Archives feature a fantastic and fascinating range of books, documents, reports and photographs relating to the history of Bournville and Bournville Village Trust.

It helps tell the story of the garden village of Bournville, the people that have lived and worked there, the involvement of the Cadbury family and other associated subjects.

Housed within the Bournville Village Trust office at 350 Bournville Lane, Birmingham, B30 1QY, the library and archives are available to access by appointment during office hours.

To arrange an appointment, please contact our Heritage Manager by emailing sellymanor@bvt.org.uk

The library is named after former Bournville Village Trust Trustee and Chair Roger Cadbury and houses information on:

  • Quakers
  • The Cadbury factory
  • The Cadbury family
  • Town planning and garden cities
  • Housing
  • Urban and social history
  • Bournville Works Magazines
  • Bournville Village Trust

To request information on the content of the Roger Cadbury Library and Archives catalogue, please get in touch and we will let you know what we hold and provide further advice.

We also support research that promotes the library, archives and story of Bournville and welcome donations to the library that relate to the Bournville Estate, its history and development.

Highlights of our library and archives collection include:

  • A full collection of Bournville Works Magazines (BWMs) from 1902 – 1968 which contain a wealth of information on daily life in and around Bournville. We also hold special editions of the BWMs which focus on royal visits, the life of George and Dame Elizabeth Cadbury and Bournville during the wars.
  • The Cadbury Family Pedigree and associated archives are a detailed compilation of biographies on members of the Cadbury family by John Crosfield.
  • We hold a rich array of archival photographs of the buildings, spaces and people of Bournville. This collection is fully digitised and includes the development of the garden village, its key buildings and houses.
  • A wide assortment of reports, leaflets and booklets produced by Bournville Village Trust and Cadbury Brothers on life and work in Bournville.
  • Archives that relate to the life and work of specific Cadbury family members including Laurence Cadbury, George Cadbury Junior, Mary Tylor and Dame Elizabeth Cadbury.

Got a question about the library or archives, go to our FAQS page.

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