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FAQs about Anti-Social Behaviour and Coronavirus

I am concerned that my neighbour keeps having lots of people visiting all at the same time when we are all supposed to be in lockdown. It just doesn’t seem fair.
If they are hosting a social gathering or having people visit their property and you believe this breaches local or national restrictions, you should report this to your local police on 101 or at www.west-midlands.police.uk if you live in Birmingham or www.westmercia.police.uk for Shropshire. The Government is updating guidelines regularly and you should check www.gov.uk/coronavirus for the latest information.

I am experiencing lots of noise nuisance / loud music during the day, can you stop the noise?
We are living very differently to usual right now and although you may hear sounds that you’re not used to, like music, children playing, grass cutting, DIY, this is not necessarily ASB. It’s therefore important that we are more patient and understanding at the moment. Your neighbour may also not be aware of the impact of their actions. In the first instance, we would advise that you have a calm and rational conversation with your neighbour – keeping your social distance – to explain how their nuisance is disturbing you. If you really can’t do this, then please contact us. We are also launching an app for residents who may be experiencing noise nuisance. Called the Noise App, it helps you record sounds which can be sent straight to us through your smartphone. This will help us to investigate and determine the level of noise nuisance you are experiencing. You should continue to report cases of noise nuisance to us, where necessary, and we will direct you to the app if this is the right service for you.

I believe that my mental health and wellbeing is suffering and my tolerance levels are low as a result of the lockdown which make me anxious, what can I do?
There is help and support locally, regionally and nationally for anyone who needs guidance on their health and wellbeing. Please go to the Well Winter page of our website to learn more about the support available.  For specific mental health services to support residents in Birmingham affected by the lockdown please go to the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. In Shropshire, there is a service called Live Well Telford which will connect you to agencies and services in your area.

What local authority services can I access during coronavirus?
If you live in Shropshire, please go to www.telford.gov.uk for details of the council’s services and how they may be affected during this time. If you live in Birmingham, please go to www.birmingham.gov.uk

I am being or have been affected by domestic abuse, am I able to get any legal help to protect me at the moment?
There are local groups that may be able to support you, but you can also talk to us and we can connect you to them. We’re also able to link you to a service which specialises in injunctions which will advise you of the legal action you can take. They can provide immediate legal action to ensure the safety of you and your family. In the majority of cases this will be at little or no financial cost, dependent on your financial circumstances. The courts are still operating and it is important that you’re able to get the support you need.  If you’re at risk of an immediate threat of violence, please call 999.

I own my home and a BVT tenant is causing a nuisance, do I get a service from you?
Of course, please go to our Anti-Social Behaviour and Coronavirus page for details of our services during this time.

I own my home and another home owner is causing nuisance, do I get a service from you?
We can offer you advice and guidance, and connect you to other agencies who may be able to support you. Please go to our Anti-Social Behaviour and Coronavirus page for details of our services during this time.

There is lots of fly tipping near me, who deals with this?
Fly tipping is an illegal activity and your council will have services which will remove fly tipping or take action against perpetrators. Removing fly tipping does come at a cost to BVT and this may impact on any service charges, so we encourage everyone to dispose of rubbish responsibly.

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