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Condensation and Mould

If you are experiencing issues in your home related to condensation, damp or mould, it is important that you report this to us. You can do this on our website by going to our Report a Repair page.

We can work with you to look at solutions that can help reduce and eliminate condensation, damp and mould including;

  • Fit extractor fans to reduce the build-up of moisture in your home
  • Fit trickle vents which provide constant ventilation, removing water vapour
  • Investigate and carry out repairs that are causing damp issues, such as fixing leaks for example
  • Remove and treat mould.

We will also give you advice on how you can help us to reduce condensation, mould or damp in your home to support any repairs that we carry out.

If you’re struggling to afford to pay your energy bills, our Money Matters team can also direct you to services that can help you. To contact a member of the team, please call 0300 333 6540 or email moneymatters@bvt.org.uk


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