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As a resident you are able to control the amount of moisture in your home that becomes condensation, eventually leading to the growth of mould.

You can do this by:

  • Not leaving kettles boiling and covering pots and pans when cooking
  • Drying washing outside or in a heated, well-ventilated room
  • Using an extractor fan, in kitchens and bathrooms, if you have one
  • Ventilating rooms by opening windows and vents
  • Leaving space between walls and furniture for air to circulate
  • Maintaining a low background heat in your home
  • Removing moisture from windows and disposing of it.

If mould does grow, it can usually be wiped from washable surfaces using detergents and/or mould removers, available from DIY stores.

If you have tried to reduce condensation in your home, are still experiencing problems and believe your heating or ventilation system isn’t working as it should, please contact us. 

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