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Pests and Vermin

In the majority of cases, as a tenant, you will be responsible for keeping your home and garden free of pests and vermin.

If they have come into your rented home through a hole or gap in the property, please contact us and we will arrange to repair this.

Some councils provide pest removal or treatment services. Please contact your local authority for details.

Bees and bats are protected species and if you have them in your home you should consult a professional.

If your home becomes infested and it starts to affect your home or a neighbours and you do not take action to resolve it, you could be in breach of your tenancy.

We will remove pests or vermin from communal areas of rented homes that we manage, including halls, stairways, bin stores and gardens.

If you have pests or vermin in a communal area, please contact us.

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