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Water Safety

Although it is low risk, there is the possibility that standing water in a home can become contaminated with bacteria that can develop into Legionella

As a tenant, there are steps that you should take to lower the risk of the bacteria forming, which include:

  • If your boiler or hot water tank isn’t working properly, report it to us
  • Try not to adjust the temperature settings on your boiler or hot water system. Hot water should be set to 60°C, as a minimum
  • If you find any debris or discolouration in your water, report it to us
  • If you have a shower and only use it occasionally, flush it through by running it for at least two minutes once a week. Clean the showerhead periodically by descaling and disinfecting it.
  • If you are leaving your home empty for five nights or more, when you return flush the shower out as above, any toilets with the lid closed before use and the hot and cold water systems by running taps or other outlets for at least two minutes. Doing this once or twice a year is usually sufficient.

If you believe that your boiler, hot water tank or water system is not working as it should, please contact us.

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