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Everyone who lives on the BVT estate is required to obtain consent for any alterations which they plan to make that may alter the external appearance of their home or garden.

The Design Guide sets out the steps residents need to follow when considering alterations. All development, no matter how small, is worthy of careful consideration if the estate is to retain its unique quality. If you wish to erect a satellite dish at your home please complete the Satellite Dish application form and return it to 350 Bournville Lane, Birmingham, B30 1QY.  We will confirm to you in writing if the proposed location is acceptable.

Please take time to read through the Design Guide before making your application and contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 333 6540 for any advice.

Lightmoor Village, Shropshire 

The Lightmoor Village Property Alteration Design Guide covers the external appearance and character of the house and the gardens and boundaries, together with the use of adjacent open areas. The overall effect of these design standards is to create a modern form of village development that meets BVT’s and the government’s most exacting requirements for innovation and sustainable schemes of high quality and desirable character.

Please take time to read through both the Design Guide before making your application and contact the Shropshire Team on 01952 898 524 for any advice.

Lightmoor has the benefit of an Integrated Reception System which provides T.V. and radio services which eliminates the need for T.V. aerials or satellite dishes.

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