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The Bedroom Tax, also known as the Spare Room Subsidy, affects anyone of working age (16-61) who receives Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (housing costs) and is considered to be under-occupying their housing association or Council home.

There are a number of rules about what classes as a taxable spare bedroom, including:

  • Children of both sexes aged under 10 are expected to share a bedroom. If they do not share and stay in separate rooms, one of the rooms will be considered spare
  • Children of the same gender aged under 16 would be expected to share a bedroom
  • Couples and adults are allowed to have bedrooms of their own.

Having one spare bedroom will mean you lose 14% of your Housing Benefit / Universal Credit.

Having two or more spare bedrooms will mean you will lose 25% of your entitlement.

If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax, you will need to make arrangements to pay the difference between your Housing Benefit entitlement and the rent / service charge you pay.

Bedroom Tax will not affect you if you receive a state pension or rent a shared ownership property.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, or need advice on benefits, please contact us.

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