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Money Advice and Tips

If you need help managing your money or are struggling to pay everyone you owe money to, we can help.

Our friendly Money Matters and Income teams can work with you to assess your finances, help you manage your money and maximise your income. To get in touch, please contact us.

Debt and specialist advice

If you are struggling with debt and would like specialist advice, there are a number of organisations that offer this including:

Help from utility services

Lots of utility services have dedicated charitable trusts that can help you with your bills and there are some examples below. Please contact your provider directly for more details.

We also work in partnership with a specialist energy service called Energy Angels. Energy Angels help new and existing tenants find the best tariffs in the market with their no obligation, price comparison service.

If you’re an existing tenant, go to https://energyangels.co.uk/bvt/ or call 01902 585 503 to find out if you are paying more than you need to. If you are a new tenant, you will be given information at sign-up detailing who your current energy supplier is and how to contact Energy Angels.


For help with budgeting, the Money Advice Service offers a free Budget Planner. For general money savings tips and advice on a number of different services and products, you can also visit www.moneysavingexpert.com

Affordable furniture 

Looking for affordable furniture? CT Furniture, which has a shop in Northfield, offers quality preloved and repurposed furniture at affordable prices.

Reviive in Telford also sells affordable items ranging from dining tables and chairs to vacuum cleaners and microwaves. To view their online store, you can go to www.reviive.co.uk/onlineshop.aspx or call 01691 679817

Essential bills

If you are struggling to pay for essential bills and costs, such as food or fuel, please contact us. Our Money Matters team can help you to access foodbanks in your area and other local services that are available to support you.

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