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We are now offering routine repair appointments again after we paused this service to focus on emergency repairs only.  We had to do this to protect you, our staff and help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

There is currently a backlog of over 1,000 routine repairs and we are going to be working hard to get through them. To do this, we are making some changes to our routine repairs service during this recovery period.

What are we repairing first?

To be as fair as we can and work as safely as possible, we will be prioritising the backlog based on:

  • The oldest outstanding routine repairs (for example those made in March) will come first.
  • Plumbing repairs that could get worse if left any longer.
  • Repairs to the outside of your home to make the most of the longer lighter days and the safest way of working right now.

When and how?

We have now started plumbing repairs and repairs to the outside of your home. Customers who have had to wait the longest, and whose repairs are the most serious, will be seen first. We will start all other routine repairs, again prioritising the length customers have had to wait and the seriousness, from 27th July.

Reporting a new routine repair

So that we can get through the backlog of repairs as quickly as we can, if you call us now to report a routine repair we will contact you within the next 90 days with an appointment date. You will not be given an appointment over the phone when you first call in.

We are aiming for repairs to be done before the 90 days. You can report a repair on our Report A Repair Now page.


Emergency repairs

We are also continuing to provide an emergency repairs service, which includes:

Outside your home

  • Blocked and overflowing drains within the boundary
  • Household infestations to our care and sheltered properties
  • Loss of keys (first lockout free of charge)
  • Boundary walls and fences on public boundaries to highways or common areas if unsecured
  • Paths to front and rear of property including steps and ramps if a trip hazard.


  • Rain penetrating through roof
  • Making safe blocked chimney flue or damaged/broken element likely to fall and cause injury.


  • No lights at all to a kitchen, bathroom, single floor or whole property
  • No power at all to a single floor or property (all downstairs or all upstairs)
  • Dangerous or exposed wires to fittings, switches or sockets
  • Shower repairs if it’s the only source of washing and provided by BVT
  • Check of electrics after water penetration
  • Mains wired smoke alarm activation
  • Mains wired CO2 alarm activation
  • Partial failure of lighting to communal areas
  • Door entry phone not working
  • Door release solenoid not working.

Gas & heating

  • Gas pipework
  • Total or partial heating and/or hot water failure (31st Oct – 1st May)
  • If you smell gas, please call National Gas Emergency number immediately 0800 111 999.


  • Plumbing major leaks (except for washing machines and dishwashers)
  • Internal blockages that if left will cause distress due to not having alternative washing and sanitary facilities
  • Kitchen sink unusable
  • Bath repairs if only source of washing
  • Wash hand basin repairs if its the only wash hand basin in the property
  • Toilet repairs if its the only toilet in the property

Fixtures & fittings

  • External doors and windows – make safe or secure.


To report an emergency repair, please continue to call us on 0300 333 6540. Do  not use the form on our website for emergencies. 

For detailed information about changes to other services during this time, please go to our Information about coronavirus and our services page

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