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Repairs Service and Coronavirus

Our routine repairs service has re-started again after it was temporarily paused in January in response to rising rates of Covid infections in the areas that we work.

We are currently working through a backlog of around 1,200 routine repairs, so please bear with us whilst we do this.

We will prioritise routine repairs based on:

  • Oldest outstanding routine repairs (for example those made in January or before the third national lockdown)
  • Repairs that could get worse if left any longer.

If you have previously reported a routine repair, we will contact you to notify you of an appointment. If the date / time we offer is not convenient, there will be the option to re-book. You do not need to report a repair again if you have already done so.

To work through the backlog of repairs and to take account of extra precautions to keep you and staff as safe as possible, we have changed our current response times.

Our approximate times to respond to repairs at the moment is:

  • Gas and electrics (excluding emergencies) – 14 days
  • Plumbing (excluding emergencies) – 21 days
  • Carpentry – 30 days
  • External works (excluding emergencies) – 21 days
  • Fencing – 30 days
  • Drainage – 35 days
  • Roofing including guttering – 35 days

You can continue to report new routine repairs to us on our Report a Repair Now page. Please include as much detail as possible and check the list of repairs you are responsible on our Repair and Tenant Responsibilities page before doing this.

To report an emergency or urgent repair, please call us on 0300 333 6540. Do not use the form on our website for emergencies.

Our repairs operatives will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the repair they are carrying out to keep you and them as safe as possible.

For detailed information about changes to other services during this time, please go to our Information about coronavirus and our services page.

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