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Repurposing the Beeches

Together with Spring Housing Association (HA), we’re repurposing the Beeches to give it a new, meaningful lease of life as apartments for families who need safe and suitable accommodation.

These families are trapped in temporary accommodation because of a lack of affordable housing in Birmingham.

The Beeches will be general needs housing, like many social housing tenancies in Bournville. Spring HA will provide housing-related services, advice and information to help people thrive and achieve their goals.

Why are you doing this?

  • Birmingham is faced with an acute and ongoing housing shortage.
  • Due to the national housing crisis, cost-of-living crisis and increasing cost of mortgages and rents, the City Council is seeing over 500 applications a week from people at risk of homelessness.
  • By creating new rented homes, we’re playing a part in providing accommodation to those in urgent need.

How is the building being repurposed?

  • The building is being remodelled to create 21 individual two, three and four-bedroom apartments, each with its own kitchen, bathroom, living space and bedrooms.
  • The car park will be kept, providing enough parking. There’s existing parking to the front and rear.
  • Communal space/s will be created in the building.
  • Gardens will be kept.

Who will live there?

  • Apartments will be offered to families in urgent housing need in Birmingham.
  • All families will be assessed by the City Council and Spring HA to determine how urgently they need a home and their suitability for accommodation, in line with Spring HA’s Allocations Policy.
  • Apartments will be given to families based on their household make-up and in line with Spring HA’s Allocations Policy to stop under occupancy or overcrowding. 
  • The maximum number of people who can be allocated based on bedroom sizes is listed below:
2 bedsMin: 2 – Max: 4*
3 bedsMin: 3 – Max: 6*
4 bedsMin: 4 – Max: 8*

*Dependant on the youngest child’s age

  • Families in temporary accommodation and in need of housing have ended up in these circumstances for varied reasons (many outside their control). For example, no fault evictions (Section 21 Notices), loss of property due to mortgage repossessions, relationship breakdowns, domestic abuse, been asked to leave by family members, etc.

How is the scheme being managed?

Spring HA will provide housing management through a local Tenancy Sustainment Worker (Housing Officer) and services from its Repairs and Grounds Maintenance team.  The housing management service includes a range of housing-related services to help families sustain their tenancies. These services are based on individual needs. Services can include helping families to:

  • Understand their legal responsibility as a tenant including paying rent, adhering to tenancy agreements and knowing their rights.
  • Apply and gain appropriate benefits linked to housing.
  • Manage their tenancy including basic maintenance and budgeting for utilities bills, including discounts and switching.
  • Report repairs in their home.
  • Manage anti-social behaviour directed at them by others or understand where they need to change their own behaviour.
  • Access statutory and voluntary agencies such as health.
  • Access training, education, employment or volunteering opportunities.
  • Find alternative accommodation due to changes in family circumstances, including health issues.

All families will be offered an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. Part of Spring HA’s management offer is to make sure families follow the terms and conditions within these agreements.

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